PEARLS ACADEMY INC. 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit
Preparing Early And Refining Leading Students

Thinking differently requires speaking differently


Using a Comprehensive Human Development Approach (CHDA): 
Creating future Leaders and Mentors
Black, African-American or Latino at-risk youth from disenfranchised communities
MEN & WOMEN (ages 10-24)
*Little Miss Pearl (7-10) *Jr. Miss Pearl (11-13) * Miss Pearl (14-18) *Pearl (18-24)


Having a mentor is a special, fun and unique experience. It creates a confidential, non-judgemental and open environment for students. Each student will be paired with an older skilled or professional woman who has obtained at least a 4-year college degree or certificate in technical training or a valuable skills set. Mentors and mentees will spend valuable time together creating, establishing and accomplishing all kinds of goals related to human development

College Preparation

Students of Pearls Academy Inc. will be assisted with exams, forms, applications, courses and activities related to college or technical school

Image Consulting (Etiquette & Ethics)

Whether it is business, social or dinning, etiquette is important in any class or community for all occasions. Learning ethical behavior that will increase confidence and self-esteem allowing the student to rise above the occasion 


The academy scholarship offers an opportunity for girls in special circumstances to become a student of Pearls Academy Inc. and take part in our services and opportunities. The advancement scholarship is awarded to students of the academy for future academic and educational endeavors

Anti-Bullying Campaign

Students will join and stand together to assist in creating and maintaining bullying free environments for all

Volunteer Opportunities

Giving back is an important part of being a proactive contributing community member. Earn hours to build your academic resume to reflect a well rounded experience. The academy also offers non-students a chance to earn community service hours

Life Skills Workshops & Groups

From goal setting to creating a budget, students will acquire the necessary skills set to make informative decisions that promote sustainability and development. Other topics include: hygiene, relationships, dating violence and reproductive health

Parent Workshops & Groups

Our community parent liaison has taken the opportunity to invite and gather ALL parents and guardians in the community to share resources and create an open forum where parents are comfortable with discussing the joys and challenges of guardianship.


Learn skills that could create a profit and experience the opportunity of investing in your future and making responsible financial decisions

Activities & Field Trips

Life's lessons should always be a hands-on experience so that a connection can be made for understanding that everything is done with purpose. Students of the academy will explore an array of environments where they can apply life skills learned in workshops & groups

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